Welcome to Artisan Food Law

23 September 2013 - 9:54pm -- Gerry Danby

This forum provides a place for general chat on food and the law which all can see, whether or not a subscriber, but only subscribers can post to the forum. We would be inundated with spam otherwise.

This is also the place where information about updates to documents contained in the Artisan Food Law Library will be posted. When a document is subject to a significant update, either the law has changed (as it frequently does) or important new information has been added, a brief summary of those changes will appear here, saving you the effort of working out what it is that has changed.

If you cannot find what you are looking and are a subscriber to Artisan Food Law, you only have to ask. If it is something we have not yet covered we will research it for you and may give it priority as one of the next documents for the Artisan Food Law Library.

If you subscribe you will also receive timely update alerts relevant to your particular areas of interest, just one of the many benefits of being a subscriber.